Four businesses You can start with 60k.



  1. ♥Before I commence,I would like you to know me.  My name is Mr Wisdom and I own several small businesses which fetches me money even

    on a daily,daily basis. But the best part of it is that I have come to share it with you guys free of charge. To begin,its important that you understand the principles of making money which have helped so many people including me,to make money.

They are:

  1. Figure out the problem or challenge of people in a particular environment and offer to help and get paid.
  2. Consistency is another tool to make money. Consistency in a lay mans understanding means continuous trial and never quiting.

You see,lack of money would make you think of so many businesses to do but most people when the money comes,without proper planning, they may not remember how to invest their money. Below are six small businesses you can start with 60k .


Phone charging business.

Its no longer a new thing in Nigeria when it comes to epileptic mode of power supply,even children born today knows that Nigeria has no steady light but still, business must continue and phones plus other gadgets must be charged at all cost but how? Now this is where phone charging as a business comes in. A standard phone charging business set up can cost close to 150k or more but you can always start from somewhere. Now this is how I started with 60k and You can also start so too.Phone charging business is so lucrative to the extent that anywhere you establish it as long as people do pass their on foot,You must always make great sales

A small I pass my neighbor generator from a mechanic.

Fifty pieces of 30a socket or 5 packets.

One roll of 1mm wire.

Board,that can contain the fifty sockets.

Barbed net for security protection.

2 by 2 hardwoods,nails etc .

Now let’s do the calculation.

Small gen from mechanic 15k

50pcs of 13a socket #300×50— 15k

One roll of wire 3k

Galvanized net that will cover round the kiosk like 3 yards is 2100 naira its sold at 700 naira per yard.

2×2 hardwood 12 pcs 7200 sold at 600 naira

Workmanship for both the Carpenter and electrician let’s say 6k.

15000+                                                                15000+                                                                3000  +                                                                2100+7200+6000 total 48300 naira.

I am a partaker of this business,I started like this but now I have many branches with people who manages them for me. You can also consider it.


Phone accessories.

Phone accessories business is another lucrative business that,the partakers would never ever beg for food. Imagine a business that the profit is always higher than the cost price. Very easy to start up. It yields profit like mad. Imagine buying a small non picking earpiece for 200 naira and reselling at 400 or an Original small battery for 800 naira and reselling at 1500 or 1600,this is also a business I have experience of even with 60k you can buy a whole lot of samples.

Now let me break it down. Phone pouch moves market but when buying phone pouches,go for attractive ones and don’t buy much because new designs are imported like every week, so you see it may tie down your capital. With Sixty thousand naira you can go a long way in phone accessories business.

The most fast selling accessories includes earpiece,batteries, chargers,cords,phone packs and screen guards. These are the most fast selling accessories, others may include Bluetooth speakers, headsets etc.With 60k,You can get a medium sized table and sample your goods on it. Believe me you will make great sales.



Pos business is another business that you can embark on with 60k. Its also profitable on its own because of the fact that you see your profit on a daily basis.You can get a moniepoint pos for 25k and use the rest to fund your account and with time and consistency, you will go to higher level.


There are more than 250 million Nigerians that are exposed to the internet.

Data reselling is a business of buying (by individuals or companies) data in large scales directly from telecommunication companies and then reselling such data to end-users in smaller quantities, thereby, earning some profits.

This business entails that you buy data directly from telecommunications companies, such as; Airtel, 9Mobile, Glo and MTN at a relatively cheap price.

You only need to print banners bearing your business name and price list,remember,people only patronize the cheapest so bring your price lower so as to attract more customers.


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