Alex Otti Come and help us,soldiers are killing and ransacking our shops.

The good people of Aba in Abia state are crying and are in great sorrow due to the ongoing troubles that they are facing at this point in time. They are calling the attention of their Governor, Alex.C Otti to help and rescue them from the hands of those trigger happy security agencies.

They are going about breaking and stealing from the shops and homes of innocent people who are managing their lives.

Its not easy already for the Aba people,how are they going to bear this one again. The main issue here is that the perpetrators have come and gone now these soldiers that are supposed to protect the lives and properties of the innocent civilians are now the ones adding more fuel to the fire. Watch this video.


This video is just an example of how these soldiers are stealing from people in the name of making peace. Its not easy oooo.

Another video

The security officers have sworn that they will not leave until the gun of their fallen comrade is provided.

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  1. Ego mbute Avatar
    Ego mbute

    What dey are doing is very bad

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